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We explain the advantages of 4K UHD filming


What is 4K UHD?

For the past 100+ years almost all films made for the cinema were shot on 35mm film.
The resolution of 35mm film is 4K, which means that any film shot on 4K could be projected in a huge cinema like at the Odeon Leciester Square and look fantastic.

Already 4K is being introduced in new televisions and will soon be the standard viewing for all TV.

Any films shot on lower quality standards will have to be 'upscaled'. This is when single pixels are spread over multiple pixels to fill the new UHD 4K larger and sharper screens. Unfortunately, this will lead to the lower standard film looking nowhere near as good as it could. The diagramme below shows the difference in the amount of information captured in each format, and the more information the better the end result will be.
What if I don't have any 4K TV at the moment?

To ensure that you can always watch your film in the best quality avaible to you, we always include lower quality versions of your film. At the moment there is no stand-alone player for 4K material, but players have been announced by Panansonic, so this will soon be avaiable. In the meantime, we can encode your film to a 4K MP4 file which you can play on your TV or computer through a hard drive. When the 4K disc format has been finalised we will be able retrospectively to create a 4K disc of your film.

But as well as your 4K MP4 file, we will also supply your wedding film on Blu-Ray disc. This is playable on many computers, stand alone blu ray players (now very cheap to buy) or the Sony Playstation 3 & 4.

We will also supply in the package DVD copies of your wedding, so someone with only standard definition viewing equipment will be able to enjoy watching your film.
What are the other advantage of 4K?
Apart from future proofing your film with the fantastic high cinema quality, 4k video offers the same quality as 35mm film, fantastic stills can be taken from the film that can be blown up to poster size if required.

Add to that the advantage of having 25 separate frames to choose from every second, and can guarantee you will find the perfect picture of everyone at your special day.
We can burn these pictures to a CD or DVD as an optional extra for you to create your own 'reportage' photo album.
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