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Our Failsafe Tips for a Great Wedding! These are things we've noticed during our twenty years of filming weddings - some serious, some flippant, some darn right obvious!

1. Music. There are some beautiful pieces of wedding music you can choose, but make sure that your organist can play them! Arrival of the Queen of Sheba is a fantastic piece of music to come down the aisle to, but it's pretty complicated to play and can end up sounding like the arrival of a Les Dawson sketch!

2. Make sure your bridesmaid's know that one of their jobs is to help the bride out of the car. So many times we see the poor old bride struggling with hoisted dress and flowers while the bridesmaids look on!

3. Best men - remember your speech should be funny, but not sarcastic! And don't harp on about too many ex-girlfriends, the bride won't appreciate it!

4. If any of the wedding party who are making a speech are so nervous it'll ruin their enjoyment of the meal, why not have the speeches before the meal? Then they can relax and enjoy themselves. You'll have to let the venue know in advance so they can re-arrange serving times, and make sure the speeches are short and to the point (five minutes per speech is a good time - if the speech is good!), because once your guests sit down, food will be on their mind!

5. If you're using any props or electrical equipment, make sure they're working before the speech. And if possible, have a back up plan. The amount of laptops that crash, or projectors that fail, leaving the speech maker with nothing but an embarrassed look and a jeering audience is frighteningly high!

6. Go for a lovely romantic ride between the church and the reception venue to give all your guests a chance to arrive before you and get refreshed to see you arrive. This is also probably the only quiet time you'll have for the rest of the day, but make sure your guests get a reception drink when they arrive, and don't have to wait for you. We've seen a few disgruntled guests gasping on a really hot summer's day because the venue wouldn't serve the drinks till the couple arrived - and one couple once disappeared for three quarters of an hour!

7. Don’t forget the evening goes really quickly, especially with a buffet break. So try and have your first dance by 8.30 to give the DJ or band time to build up a great party atmosphere that everyone will remember!

8. Remember the poor Videographer is there all day and provide a meal so he doesn’t collapse from exhaustion :-)

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