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Getting Married..?    ...Don’t do anything until you’ve read this!


IT’S A UNIQUE EXPERIENCE… one that will never be repeated, because you will never have every special person in your life in the same place at the same time again.

It’s a unique snapshot of your life, with everyone there looking their best and having a fabulous time! A good photograph captures a split-second in time, but a great video recreates everything - the full atmosphere of the day and the character of every guest there!

Speak to friends and family who are already married and they will tell you that your wedding day will be a blur, and a fantastic video can help you relive time and time again all the important and special parts, forever.

Relying on friends and family to record your day can be fraught with disappointment, so why not let them relax and enjoy the day as we unobtrusively capture everyone and everything into a fantastic final film, chatting and getting mini interviews from everyone, combined with unobtrusive background ‘reportage’ style filming, to capture the naturalness of the day, creating the perfect balance of ceremony, personal, character and joy.

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